"I Believe in BBQ Santa!" Giveaway!

Welcome to the "I Believe in BBQ Santa!" Giveaway!

What good BBQ girl or boy wouldn't want to get a whole bunch of BBQ Stuff for Christmas? This is your chance!

There is a huge pack of goodies that are being given away. Stay tuned for a whole list but, right now there are going to be sauces and seasonings from Big Butz BBQ, BBQProShop.com,  Frogmats cooking accesories, and sauce from Veterans Q!

The "I believe in BBQ Santa" Giveaway will run from 12-20-17 to 12-23-17 11:59pm(CST) with the drawing for the winner of the huge pack being on Tuesday December 24th, 2017.

How to enter:

1. On Twitter: Tweet "I believe in @BBQSanta and all the wonderful things he brings!" then make sure to follow @BBQSanta. Although multiple tweets are allowed (and encouraged), only one shall count per person per day as an entry.

2. On Facebook: Everyday BBQ Santa will post a Chirstmas question on his Facebook Fanpage (http://www.facebook.com/BBQSanta). Reply to the question and make sure you like his page for your daily entry.

3. By email: Send an email to BBQSanta@Gmail.com Put "I Believe in BBQ Santa!" in the Subject line and then make sure to include your name and address in the email. One email per person per day shall count as an entry into the give away.

4. On Instagram: Follow bbqsanta and reply to his daily question, just like on Facebook. (https://www.instagram.com/bbqsanta/)


1. Entries on all: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and by email are allowed but, are limited to one entry on Twitter, Facebook, and one entry via email per person, per day.
2. People entering into the giveaway must be 18 years of age and have their prize shipped within the United States.
3. Entries will be accepted up until 12-23-17 11:59pm (CST).
4. The winner shall be drawn at random on 12-24-17.
5. Gift pack will be shipped out as soon as we hear back from the winner but, is not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. Even though we control when it gets shipped out, we don't control how long some curriers can take to get packages there and how long it might take someone to respond to us.
6. There is no cash value exchange for the gift pack.
7. Some of the gift pack of the day drawings may require special rules such as following a sponsor on Twitter, Instagram, or liking their page on Facebook. (Not applicable this year.)

One last note. BBQ Santa is only able to do what he can because of the wonderful people who sponsor his efforts. Please go to the websites below, follow, and like these great people.

Good Luck and have a very Merry Christmas!


Big Butz BBQ Sauce and Seasonings

Veterans Q

Snake River Farms

Savannah Stokers

Mojobricks and Mojopellets

Ubons Sauce


Ted and Barneys Meat Seasoning

BBQ Pro Shop


Do you want to become a sponsor? Do you have a sauce, rub, or bbq accesory you would like to get in Santa's bag? Send an email to bigbutzordering@gmail.com to get more info.


*By entering into the "I believe in BBQ Santa!" giveaway participants acknowledge that BBQ Santa and it's sponsors are not liable for any misuse of products or any injury or illness that may be incurred by using any of the products included in the gift packs. The only ones responsible are to be the original makers of the products for any issues that may occur from the products and they should be addressed with said issues and not BBQ Santa or any of the other sponsors. There is no cash value for the gift packs. The "I believe in BBQ Santa!" Giveaway is for entertainment purposes only. Any information obtained from entries may be shared with sponsors for marketing purposes.