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Road to our First KCBS Competition: Day 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom   

Today is filled with prep from two ways. The first is cooking up some more BBQ Sauce and, the second is, getting meat in the fridge to thaw for Sunday night. One of the hard parts about this competition is that for me it's like planning two seperate activities at the same time. There is the cooking aspect of things and there is the sauce selling aspect. I've actually drawn out how I plan to set up our site a couple of times and every time I have the site devided up into 3 sections; cooking, sauce selling, and living/storage. The living/storage area of camp is where I'll probably sleep and where we will keep all of our supplies for both the sauce side and the cooking side.
As part of this I've been working on lists of stuff that we will need to bring with us. The main problem being that one side may demand the same thing as the other. Also you quickly start to realize that there is a ton of stuff that you need to bring with you. I stopped my first list making efforts after hit 4 pages. I've decided to table the list until after the practice cook. The way I figure it, I can guess what I'll need but, until practice you never truly know. In my initial lists I also added in some "what if" items. Let's face it, it's better to have something when you need it and haul it back and forth when you don't then not have it when you need it and be stuck. Last week when we were at the store we picked up a large plastic tote. I plan to tape a list to the top of the bin and have it so things are checked off when they go in and when they come out of the bin.
When it comes to lists, if you are are a list person, BBQ Competitions will put you in heaven. There are lists for what to pack, what to buy, what to pack where, where to buy stuff, and even when to buy stuff. Not to mention the schedules. Schedules for every thing you plan to cook for two days along with turn in times, meetings, and ceremonies. I found one day that when it came to all of these things, I could spend a week just coming up with lists.
Need to keep things in perspective though. Do the practice and then make the lists. Make sure to take notes during the practice to remember for later on. When it comes to sauce selling. We know what we need for that part of the site, now it is just a matter of making sure we have enough sauce stocked up and to get any supplies we might need for sampling.
Thanks for coming along on this journey. I plan to have pics up tomorrow of the meats thawing out for the practice cook.