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Road to our First KCBS Competition: Day 1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom   

In all honesty, this isn't the first day towards our first KCBS Sanctioned Competition. But, it is the first day of my blogging about it. We have been wanting to enter an official competition for awhile now. We've done a couple of rib fests in the pasts that have been great experiences and we plan on continuing to do them but, we really have wanted to step up our game. A couple of months ago we came across some info for a competition being held at Canterbury Park outside of Shakopee, MN in June. The cost to enter wasn't too high and the location wasn't too far away so, we decided to go for it. The contest is scheduled for June 10th-11th with the main judging taking place on the 11th. This comp has not only the standard 4 KCBS categories (Pork shoulder, ribs, chicken, and brisket) but, also has a sauce competition, wing and chili feed, desert, seafood, and mystery meat category. Being this is our first comp, we decided to just go with the straight 4 standard categories and the sauce one. No need to bite off more than we can chew. Right now, aside from working on perfecting my recipes whenever I get the chance, we're also looking at having to hold a practice cook this up coming weekend.

Practice is always a good thing and when it comes to competitive cooking, every cook will tell you that it is an absolute must. You have to get your timing down and your presentations. There is alot that goes on during a comp and, in our case we also plan on selling sauce at the same time. In my case there is going to be alot that goes into this first practice. This practice will let me know for sure that I have enough equipment to cook on. I'll find out if I have enough coolers to hold the meat. I'll learn what alll utensils and cutting boards I will need. And, what going through an all night cook is really like.  I've been stock piling up the meats I will need for the practice cook for about a month now, buying them when we could afford to. For competition though, it's all going to be fresh from the butcher.

I plan to do a blog post everyday from now on until after the competion to document all the things that we're going through or that I'm thinking about. So, make sure to check back daily.